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PMD Heroes and Conflicts - Prologue
PMD - Heroes and conflicts - prologue
by JeffrazorX
 A certain chu was falling, falling through endless darkness. He had seen the man in his dreams a number of times now, an old man with an aura of unbridled confidence, and if that's not strange enough, the aforementioned elder had a strange weapon in his hands, a weapon he used to cast the chu into the darkness. The young pikachu kept falling, and falling, flailing in the darkness, trying to grab hold of something, anything to break his fall. Off in the distance someone was calling his name "Jett, Jett, wake up Jett, wake up". Then, a blinding flash of light came from below the falling chu. He fell into it, he was hoping that the blining light would send him anywhere, anywhere but here........ Jett woke up. This was the third time he had seen that dream. Was it a dream, or an omen? There seemed to be only one way to find out. "Jett, did you have that dream again" said a young pichu. "Yes I did Velock, I'm heading to the library,
:iconjeffrazorx:JeffrazorX 0 0
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I got my new computer set up today and I'm typing stuff to you guys on it. 

For those not in the know, the laptop I was using stopped working since December of last year. So up until now I was using my Wii U to comment and fave stuff on here since I literally have no other devices to use. (Yes, I'm 23 years old and I don't have a smart phone, nor do I know how to use one)

As for those of you I have on skype, I will be back on as soon as the program finishes installing, If you have moved to any other IM's since my "absence" let me know.

Lastly, I hope you're lives are going well and stuff and if it isnt, I hope it gets better, Jett out.


United States
That chu nobody likes for whatever reason



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